As a firm that puts clients first, we believe that a meeting of minds is the foundation of a common understanding and trust. We’re not for everyone, nor all things to all people.

In an enormous universe of competing investment products and solutions in a highly-saturated marketplace, here is what we bring to the table:

We are independent

Wealthpoint is not beholden or tied to any investment firm. That means we are free to select the best possible investments for your portfolio, and objectively evaluate these opportunities in the context of your risk and return objectives.

We are privately-owned

Wealthpoint is built around an owner-managed culture.  We are long-term allocators of capital and not stockbrokers or financial advisors who peddle products with short-term profit incentives in mind.

Our interests are aligned with the long-term success of your portfolio.

We are global

Our investment team brings a wealth of in-depth experience of global financial markets and investments. With this, we offer nimble, competitively-priced access to institutional-grade, best of breed investments worldwide.

We manage risk

We adopt prudent risk management when analysing opportunities and expected returns. Careful, risk-adjusted analysis, a balance between safety, returns, and risk allows a steady, more measured path, beyond the distractions of erratic speculation.

We think long term

Trying to make short-term moves in the market involves risky guesswork which rarely works out well over the long term. We prefer investing your, and our own, financial fortunes in businesses with solid, sustainable competitive advantages, we don’t simply follow investment opportunities because they are in vogue.